Friday, January 4, 2013

Summer reflections

Title-Summer reflections
Medium-Oil on Masonite board
Size-6x8 inches

This painting came straight out of my head, and was inspired by the many holiday memories spent in the Okavango Delta. Our family’s choice of holiday destinations would always boil down to which place was the quietest and most peaceful. This often meant we had to make quite an effort to get away from civilization.
My favourite holiday was when we would pack the Land cruiser, hitch the trailer together with the boat, and travel about 300 km north of Maun, to a small village, and then to a campsite called Sepupa Swamp Stop. Despite the fact that the campsite was situated on the edge of the river, we would normally only stay one night because of the noise that some other campers would make.

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, the real trip would start when we loaded the boat with all our camping gear and headed upstream for about 2 hours. Our final destination would be an Island dotted with palm trees, their fronds swaying gently in the breeze. After camping at different Islands we gave them names, Paradise Island, Mokoro Island, and Hydeda Island.

Beneath the palms, and large Fig and Jackal berry trees we would camp, for a week or two. During the day we would read, sleep, cook, explore or would take the boat out onto the river and go fishing. On the river there was total peace and silence except for the symphony of bird’s calls and sounds that would emanate from the reed beds and the islands as we drifted passed.

So this painting ,Summer Reflections, is inspired by my reflections of past Summers, and make for my 3rd painting which leaves 27 still to go.


sue church (from nc) said...

The texture and the subtle colors are wonderful on this.

jamie Gaviola said...

i want to jump into that painting!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Fantastic this painting. Beautiful structure love it.
lovely greet

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks for your comments.