Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A painting a day for a week

Title-Okavango Reflections
Media-Oil on primed Masonite board
Size-6x8 inches 
Price-60$ which includes shipping

I have decided that for the first week of 2013 I will post one small painting each day. Inspired by other daily painters I thought that I could give it a trail run, see how it feels, and find out if it is possible with my busy schedule.

There are a couple of benefits I have already noted with regards to painting each day.

(1) You get to finish a painting every day, sometimes as quickly as an hour, which is a great achievement.

(2) With all the practice, you can only get better.

(3) Because you are painting smaller works, which are more affordable, they appeal to a larger market. Since the work is smaller they are also easier to ship to the client.

I hope that if I do continue painting on a daily basis, that I do not run out of Ideas. I only want to paint what is around me, or the things that I have experienced. I do not want to get to the point where I start painting a still life every day (No disrespect for those who paint still life) but it is not my cup of tea to do that on a regular, or daily basis.

Each painting will be for sale between $60-$120 which includes shipping to Africa ,America,the UK, and Australia.If desired to be shipped to another country not listed here, there might be an extra small charge for shipping.Send an email to rogerbrownsart@yahoo.com if interested in purchasing.

Okavango reflections is my first daily painting for this week, and I hope you will visit every day for the rest of the week to see each daily work.


Olga Díaz said...

No he traducido todo con google, pero me pareció entender que con la práctica es como se aprende, estoy de acuerdo.
Me encanta Roger, el primer plano es muy bueno. Mucha suerte en tu venta, el precio es estupendo, la pena que mi economía no ande demasiado bien.
Pasaré todos los días a ver el resto.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks Olga for visiting,I also use Google translate to read other posts,and to read comments, a very useful tool.

Sue Clinker said...

Good luck with the painting a day Roger - not something I could do :-)
Happy New Year to you.

Ineke Pluim-Perquin Netherlands said...

I likes your work/paintings so much! It's beautiful. Happy new year and good luck with the painting.

Douglas Clark said...

When I saw this painting I thought, thats a different look for Roger. I like it and look forward to seeing what else you will come up with.
Good luck.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Yes the style will be a bit different in that,each painting will be done fairly quickly, without to much focus on detail.Since each painting is so small I am finding that I can use the Oil paints more thickly which is also different to my larger paintings where I use the oil paints sparingly.