Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five years on,and it is finally finished !


I don't know if any of you artists ever find yourself carrying around unfinished paintings.They are normally paintings that are not too bad to throw away,and yet not good enough to sell .When you have to move houses,or even countries you still wrap them up carefully and take them with you,all in the hope that one day you will sit down and give it that needed attention.

Well here is one example of that, this is a painting that I did in 2007 and which I was not a hundred percent happy with.One of the problems with the painting was that the male lion had a weird hair style,it kind of flopped over its one ear ,and instead of looking wild and tangled it looked as if it had ended up using hair conditioner on it.

The other thing I did not like was my dreadful composition,I placed both lions smack bang in the middle of the painting!I like a composition where your eye is lead from one point of interest to another .What made it worse was that the lions found themselves in a big empty open area which looked to me more like a soccer field.

About two weeks ago I decided to make an attempt, at making this painting look a little better,I am fairly happy with it now and hope I don't have to work on it again!

Before                                                                          After


                                                                      2009 Adjustments

2012 Final adjustments

Sunday, April 15, 2012

African Elephant Sunset

There is something about a sunset in the drier parts of Africa that makes it just a little bit more spectacular such as in Botswana. A contributing factor is probably related to the dusty atmosphere that catches and traps the warm evening light. What makes a sunset so special is that it happens only once a day and lasts just a few beautiful minutes. Some years ago when I was 16 I did a water colour painting of a sunset with elephants and palm trees .It turned out quite well and I did a few more including a large acrylic painting that I did on board. Since then I have done some more in oils, which have all sold. I have discovered that although other paintings may sit for some time in a gallery this is one subject that never has a problem getting sold. So here is my most recent painting of an African Elephant sunset .This painting is currently being displayed at 52 Main Street, Millerton,NY 12546,United States, at Lady Audreys Gallery