Friday, October 21, 2011

Botswana Cowboys

I have finally finished painting, the ( Botswana Cowboys) above.I sent it off on the 6 o,clock bus to Gaborone this morning,together with another painting .( Thabo's first ride ) both will be part of the Thapong Artist of the year Awards (TAYA) Exhibit.The Exhibit will open on the 11 November 2011.

I started this painting ages ago,but because of other work I didn't make much progress.However with the submission deadline the (21 October 2011) looming I had to rush about and paint.So the last few days I have been painting late into the nights in order to get it finished on time.Since the painting was still a bit wet I had to make a special packing case yesterday, so that nothing could smudge the face of the painting.The painting of the horses,the horsemen, bridles,saddles and rope all took quite a lot of time,but it was satisfying to see it come together.