My childhood art 1997-2000

Here is some of my childhood art work .I always loved drawing and as far back as I can remember I enjoyed creating things.I thought it might be nice to see how I have progressed with my artwork over the years.I actually have a pen drawing that I had drawn when I was 3 years old, it is suppose to be depicting my  mom, dad and me ,however it is more of a scribble. I thought I would leave that out and start with the 2nd oldest drawing I have.Here is a hummingbird that I drew when I was 10.


 After I received a set of watercolor paints from my grandparents I did one of my first watercolor paintings which was of a Toucan .



 The two color pencil drawings below were submitted to a regional school art competition,where I received a silver star certificate for each.
Most of my drawings during my childhood was based on photos found inside of wildlife books that my parent had,like this one below.I would normally add my own background and other features like trees and round rocks piled on top of each other?  

 This is my very first attempt with acrylic paints.I remember my parents had bought me a set of  Acrylic paints,which I excitedly and immediately used however, I remember not being very happy with the colors ,feeling frustrated that the colors did not turn out as intended !


This tranquil watercolor painting of a barn was actually based on a lesson found in a watercolor book that I had taken out of the Library .Once again for some unknown reason I had to add a tree and some round rocks!

When school lessons got boring ,two of my friends and I would have drawing competitions.It normally revolved around who could draw the best car.However one of my other friends prefer detailed drawings of people (very similar to finding Waldo) We would each fill two pages in an old school book with some detailed picture,such as a cricket match or a battle on a pirate ship .We would then draw objects that were hard to find,such as a bone, or a pair of sunglasses.After we were finished we would swap books and see who could spot the hidden objects the quickest.It was great fun .

At the end of 1999 our family left Port Elizabeth ,South Africa and moved to Botswana ,so the following art was done here in Botswana where I still currently live.This was quite a change for everyone,the biggest probably being that my mom now home schooled all 4 of us!During our first year in Botswana we lived in two caravans and tents,while we built a house.

Above-We arrived in Botswana with a Landcruiser during the month of October which we found to be hot and dry.
Below-My Dad and I putting on the roof of our first house we built in Botswana Maun.

                       Most of the following drawings and paintings were done in the caravan.

 This was a still life that my mom set up for all of us kids to paint.As you can see I am looking out the kitchen window, the house had just been finished and we were now living in it.

Below are some of my artwork from when I was 16.I was finally managing to mix my colors better and they were starting to look a little more realistic although the cheetah on the left looks like it was involved in an accident!


archi said...

memories memories...

Lala Aliyeva said...

you are so very talented, Roger

Jerry Stocks said...

What a lovely collection. I hope my daughter is saving my grandsons' painting. Both are very talented as are you.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks,and yes guess it is a good idea to save some of your kids or grand kids drawings as they are not only good memories but also snapshots of artistic progress.