Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hippo pool and water lilies

Here is a painting that went through a number of transformations before I was happy with it.At first the two hippos were just a boring  gray including the water .This was due to the fact that the photos I was working from, had been taken on a cloudy and wet day on the Chobe River.But after pulling it out from storage one day ,I suddenly knew what it needed,So the water was made blue almost black in the foreground,water lilies were then added including one which is sliding off one of the Hippos backs.Then green reeds were also added in the far background and then finally all the reflections. The end result was a much more bright and colorful painting which I am now pleased with.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cry of the African Fish Eagle.

Nothing reminds me better of the waterways of Africa than the cry of a African fish eagle,its one of my favorite sounds and has always been associated with some of the holiday trips that I enjoyed in the Okavango Delta with the rest of my family.

Its a strikingly handsome bird with tremendous power .I have witnessed them fishing on numerous occasions.I remember once drifting down the river in a boat with my dad while fishing, when we saw a fish eagle swoop down and grab a fish from the water.The eagle was shocked to find  out  that he had bitten off more than he could chew.Clasped between his talons was a large and heavy bream.Instead of soaring into the blue sky with his catch, the once dignified eagle ended up flapping clumsily across the surface of the water, battling to maintain a hold on the fish while trying not to sink beneath the water . This continued until he finally reached the shore where after a brief rest proceeded  to eat his meal at leisure.

This is a painting I did when I was 18 during my stay in Maun .Its done in Acrylic on Masonite board and was  sold not long afterwards.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elephant Trio finally sold after 4 years

The elephant Trio has finally been sold after 4 years of either hanging on my walls or wrapped up in storage.I have had quite a few people interested in buying it,but none of them could afford to purchase it. Since it was worth much more than they were willing to pay , I just kept it till someone who ,not only was in love with the painting but who could buy it as well .That happened yesterday and the painting has now found a new home.
I painted the Elephant Trio during my 4 year stay in Elephant valley just outside Kasane.

Those were some of the best years of my life as I was able to come in close contact with wildlife,predominately elephants.Elephants would come to our waterhole which was situated in front of our tented camp during the afternoons of the dry winter months.Living a  simple life in the bush exposed us to many exiting interactions between animals .Some of the things I really enjoyed was hearing the roar of a lion at night while I lay awake in my bed,waking up to the smell of wood smoke and coffee.Walking  through the bush alone while taking photos of the wildlife.The rumbling sound of a herd of elephants communicating to each other during the night while they browsed on nearby trees only meters away from my bed.

So the painting of the Elephant Trio is not a painting created in a studio,but rather one that was created in one of the few remaining areas of the world where it was truly wild,sounds romantic doesn't it.Well the truth is ,that although it sounds exiting and romantic, it did come with some interesting features like,no electricity ,cooking over a fire, leaky tents, snakes,our dog and cat being killed by a leopard, angry elephants blocking the roads,and so on.But funnily enough if someone offered me the chance to go back to that type of life again I probably would.