Thursday, July 5, 2012

Botswana through my eyes (Solo Exhibit)

Savuti Elephant which is one of my older paintings that was also on display.

You have probably wondered what has happened to me, as I have not updated this blog for some time. Well I have been busy preparing for my Solo Exhibit (Botswana through my eyes) which I finally had Wednesday night at the Frame Gallery in Gaborone. This was a real learning curve for me and I have learnt how much work is involved in preparing for a solo exhibit. Making brochures, sending invites, preparing the paintings, getting them framed, buying drinks and snacks, and then hoping that you sell something. However there are many benefits such as increased publicity and advertising . Brown to Exhibit at the frame gallery (Gazette NewspaperDaily News

Although I have had a solo exhibit before this was my first solo exhibit at a gallery with an opening night,so I did not really know what to expect.However it was great to see that 30 people turned up for the opening night, which was good as I was able to speak to most of them . I always enjoy receiving feedback from different people who viewed my work as it gives me an idea what people like.
The evening went well, before we had officially opened the exhibit; one man walked in, looked at my Botswana herdboy and cattle painting and said he wanted it .So the evening started on a positive note . Selling that painting meant that all my expenses for the exhibit could now be covered and I would even make some profit as well. The exhibit will run for 2 weeks so I hope that I will sell some more artwork during this period. All in all the exhibit is already a success and well worth all the effort.