Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thabo and the donkeys

Most of my paintings start with an idea ,and not with a photo ,and so I have to make my photos fit my idea.

Thabo and the donkeys is a painting based on 2 different photos. I had taken the first photo ,the one of the donkeys and cart , in a remote village on the edge of the Okavango Delta.The second Photo was of the boy (Thabo) and it was taken in Serowe a village in Southern Botswana.
When it comes to using different photos to create a new composition the first thing I look for is the shadows,are they falling in the same direction.You cannot create a realistic painting if some shadows are pointing west while others east,it would mean that there would have to be  two suns,or light sources.Your Shadows also should be the same length ,cannot have some short (Midday) while others long (Evening or morning).
Once I have found a couple of photos ,that even though  were taken at differnt places or times but have the same shadow pattern I move to the next step.The next step is to change the size of the photos so that they are compatible,since I have thousands of different photos very few are the same size.For example .Thabo who is leading the donkeys and cart was before very small in the photo,so I had to enlarge him on my computer until he was the right size to fit with the donkeys ,without looking to big or to small.
Once I have my printouts ,I place them on a large piece of white paper and move them around until I am happy with the composition,I then tape them into place.Now that I have my composition laid out before me, all that is left is to draw it out onto my canvas and to paint it. ; )


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zebra reflections

Here is another painting I did some time ago.This one however is still wrapped up in my house ,and I plan to send it to an Art Exhibit in  Gaborone 1000 km away.My brother was trying to motivate me to do some painting last night but just was too tired.I have no other excuses though since I have just got back from Francistown 500 km away where I bought tubes of white oil paint, brushes, and some canvas.I am just waiting now for inspiration to strike.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elephant on the Chobe flood plains

Here is another painting I did a few years ago,have not had any time to come up with any new art as have been so busy with work.I have done a few sketches though ,but not great enough to post .

The storms here in Botswana are really beautiful . Sometimes on a hot summer afternoon you can see a  storm in the distance while on the warm breeze, rumbles of thunder can be heard .The Chobe flood plains during and just after the flood are lush with different types of grasses, and animals are quick to exploit this area including elephants.This painting was first done in acrylic and was a painting of some pink flamingos flying over a river with sanddunes in the backround, but a shortage of blank canvases to paint on lead me to  overpaint it in oils and the result is the above.