Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elephant on the Chobe flood plains

Here is another painting I did a few years ago,have not had any time to come up with any new art as have been so busy with work.I have done a few sketches though ,but not great enough to post .

The storms here in Botswana are really beautiful . Sometimes on a hot summer afternoon you can see a  storm in the distance while on the warm breeze, rumbles of thunder can be heard .The Chobe flood plains during and just after the flood are lush with different types of grasses, and animals are quick to exploit this area including elephants.This painting was first done in acrylic and was a painting of some pink flamingos flying over a river with sanddunes in the backround, but a shortage of blank canvases to paint on lead me to  overpaint it in oils and the result is the above.


Julia Ruffles | wildlife animal artist said...

your skies really are something very special! I could just get lost in your outstanding creations :) Jules

belle said...
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