Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Wildlife Artist of the Year - Selected Not Hung

It was very rewarding and exciting to see that my painting (An Uncertain Encounter) had passed the final judging and had been selected to be included in the folder that will be available during the 2012 Wildlife Artist of the year exhibit.Due to the high amount of entries that they received from around the world it would not have been possible to display them all ,and I suppose that is why they introduced the folder .Although these paintings were not hung, they are never the less stunning, have a look at some of these in the  2012 Wildlife Artist Of The Year Folder 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunset,dust and cattle

After the last painting of Sue, which was very detailed and required plenty of attention,I wanted to do something which was simple and easy.Once again I have used a couple of different photos as reference material.I even threw in my sisters dog Patrick.

Now Patrick has a story, he is a real bush breed, and came to us 11 years ago when his mother decided to have her puppies under our caravan.She was no ordinarily dog ,she was a stray and had terrible wounds on her body which caused her to yelp and scream.It was a sad situation because at that time there was no active SPCA or animal welfare group in Maun who could help.Anyway after she decided to give birth under our caravan we tried feeding her but she was very frightened,and would often leave the pups during the day.One day she decided not to come back, and after two days my mom and sister decided to remove the puppies and give them needed attention.It came as a shock to find 4 scrawny puppies that were covered in fleas and maggots.And so started (operation puppies) which include weekly washing's, treatments for the fleas , maggots,and frequent feedings.
We found homes for all the pups,and since our sister had fallen in love with puppies we had to keep one as well , and so that is how Patrick became our dog. He seemed to have inherited from somewhere a special ability to warn us when there is a snake around.Living here in Botswana we have had numerous experience with cobras and puff adders.Unlike other dogs ,especially fox terriers which will rush in and attack the snake, Patrick would keep his distance and bark in a very strange way.We called this the snake bark,and each time we heard it we would go and investigate and sure enough every time there would be a snake.
Aside from surviving snakes he has also survived being hit by a car,gored by a buffalo and narrowly escaping a leopard attack.He is truly an African dog and that's why he probably looks at home in this painting.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first portrait in oil paints (Sue)


Can you believe it I have never done a portrait in oils yet.This is my first portrait done in oils.I have painted people before but they have always been part of a much larger painting.I have done portraits in pencil and have even sold quite a number of them.I think I have just been more focused on portraying wildlife,and village activities.So this is what I did this weekend, starting on Friday,I spent a few hours each evening working on this portrait.

When I started this painting I actually thought it would be easy to complete,but half way through,I realized my colors were just not coming together .Loosing all confidence I ended up painting very thin layers and carefully blending them together until the right colors were achieved.It seemed a slow and painful process,but it made me realize the challenge of achieving that perfect likeness of someone you know.I am glad to say that it turned out better than I thought it would .


 Just a few progress shots of Sue.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Botswana Herd Boy and Cattle Finished

I have finally finished this painting (Botswana Herd Boy and Cattle).This painting made me realize that the way I am using oil paints is changing , I am starting to apply the paint a little more thickly than before. In the past I would dilute the paint with Turpentine and linseed oil and and use the paint thinly and sparingly.

I Think this change has been prompted  by the things I have learnt from other Artists on blogspot , and I feel that I have grown as an artist during the past year.Here is just a sample of the many artists ,that through their blogs have had a positive influenced on my art, Karin Jurick , Arto Isotalo  ,  Adebanji Alade ,and Antti Rautiola  go  see some of their work and feel inspired!