Monday, October 21, 2013

Seronga Village boys (Work in Progress)

Not sure what was going through my mind when I decided to start such a big painting,I think my brain has been affected by the extreme heat that we are still experiencing here in Maun.It has been between 35 and 42 celsius ( 90 -107 degree Fahrenheit) Without an aircon, I have had to be content with the ceiling fan ,which at least moves the hot air around.

Since I am working during the day most of my painting is done at night,one of the drawbacks to this arangement is the insects that are attracted to the lights in the house.It does not take long before hundreds of little insects are stuck to the wet painting. Some of the larger ones end up dragging themselves across my painting ,leaving behind colorful but unwanted marks and smears .The larger insects,I am able to flick off ,but don't even try to remove the hundreds of little ones, these are best removed when the painting is dry.I guess that is what painting in Africa is all about.

Although this painting is large ,I have actually found it easier to paint since I don't have to concentrate on small details and am even able to use some of my larger  brushes.The painting is based on some village boys riding donkeys,that I had seen in a remote village in the Northern part of Botswana called Seronga.

Close up detail of my palette 

The unfinished painting

Painting late at night.