Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five years on,and it is finally finished !


I don't know if any of you artists ever find yourself carrying around unfinished paintings.They are normally paintings that are not too bad to throw away,and yet not good enough to sell .When you have to move houses,or even countries you still wrap them up carefully and take them with you,all in the hope that one day you will sit down and give it that needed attention.

Well here is one example of that, this is a painting that I did in 2007 and which I was not a hundred percent happy with.One of the problems with the painting was that the male lion had a weird hair style,it kind of flopped over its one ear ,and instead of looking wild and tangled it looked as if it had ended up using hair conditioner on it.

The other thing I did not like was my dreadful composition,I placed both lions smack bang in the middle of the painting!I like a composition where your eye is lead from one point of interest to another .What made it worse was that the lions found themselves in a big empty open area which looked to me more like a soccer field.

About two weeks ago I decided to make an attempt, at making this painting look a little better,I am fairly happy with it now and hope I don't have to work on it again!

Before                                                                          After


                                                                      2009 Adjustments

2012 Final adjustments


archi said...

Never thought you would get that one to work! I remember mom and I moaning about it ha ha! Much better now.Ja the composition was the main problem. You must use those trees style you had in the 2007 version in something else. They are very "Africa"

ondedacqua said...

In the while they become grandparents.........:)
Compliment beautifull work

Douglas Clark said...

I like the lion much better. I have a friend who sometimes "edits" his paintings with a saw to fix his compositions.

Studio at the Farm said...

Roger, I really think you did a brilliant job of re-working the original. It's a beauty! I only wish I could do that with not-quite-right watercolors.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thank you all for your comments!Douglas the saw is a good idea and I have used it once before however the lions in this painting filled the center which would have meant cutting through the lions somewhere.Kathryn that is one of the reasons I paint in oils ,it is very forgiving,however I still enjoy using watercolors from time to time,and enjoy watching people like your perfecting your art using this medium.

Lydie said...

Your evolution is evident in these adjustments. This painting is much better now.

martinealison said...

Superbe travail... Vous avez donné une autre dimension, une autre atmosphère à cette peinture... Bravo! J'aime l'intimité que vous lui avez apporté.
Gros bisous

Valéria Souza said...

Espetacular e perfeita a tua arte, parabéns! Hiper-real e encantadora. Saudações do Brasil.