Friday, January 11, 2013

My red ball

Title-My red ball
Medium-Oil on Masonite board
Size-6x8 Inches

Another late night,but well worth the effort as I managed to complete two paintings.Here is the first one (My red ball).I am relatively new to painting portraits,but am loving the process,although I must say they are time consuming to create, as much detail is needed in order for it to look like a human and not an alien.There is always a point in my artwork where I think is this going to come together,or not?Anyway I am happy with how this one turned out,and hope to do some more children paintings.


Paintings by Patricia said...

Great portrait and it brings a smile to my face. The ball is almost as big as he is, but you can tell he loves it.

hmuxo said...

You should be very pleased with this portrait. Beautifully done!!!

Jerry Stocks said...

Beautiful portrait. I painted my grandson's soccer team in play on the field for him for Christmas. He was so thrilled when he opened the package on Christmas morning. You are really a fantastic artist.