Tuesday, January 8, 2013

African Sunset

Title-African Sunset
Medium-Oil on Masonite Board
Size-6x8 Inches

I really love painting sunsets,simply because they are so easy to do.Since the subjects are often a silhouette they do not require much detail,and you could get away with only using two or three colors.Most of my sunset paintings that contains moving subjects, in this case elephants, also contain a dusty atmosphere.I love the point where the tree trunks and elephant legs become dissolved in all the dust.

Thanks for all the comments,and suggestions on my previous post ,as to what would you like to see me paint more of.It seems many of you would like to see more paintings of children and people of Africa.I will be trying to do just that,so keep tuned.


Ineke Pluim-Perquin Netherlands said...

Mooi licht en mooie sfeer!

groayla said...

Beautiful atrwork !!

Nancy Darling Handler said...

Great idea Roger. Thanks for that I'm going to try it.I love your work; it really stands out, especially your elephants!
Nancy Darling

Jacqueline Brewer said...

Enjoying your art Roger.. Nice work!

Barb Sailor said...

This is so beautiful with the elephants silouetted against the sunset - wonderful.

Teresa Dominici said...

Beautiful sunset, Roger. I remember so well the African sunsets, I lived in East Africa for twenty-two years!