Thursday, January 13, 2011

Painting the second donkey

Well after getting home from work , I felt very tired ,and was not feeling up to painting ,but after a piece of chocolate cake and a cup a tea I felt much better and managed to motivate myself to start painting.Since I don't have a studio at the moment or even a separate room for painting,I start by covering my bed with a large white sheet so as not to get oil paint all over my bed.Pulling my easel up to the edge of my bed,as well as placing all my tools within reach ,brushes,turps,tubes of paint ,cleaning rag, etc I am ready to start.Sitting on the edge of my bed I started painting ,and after 20 mins all tiredness was forgotten as I got absorbed in mixing the correct colors and applying careful brush strokes.Before I knew it it was Ten o clock ,and time for bed, that's if I wanted to get to work tomorrow or not.So when I woke up this morning was glad to see the second donkey almost finished,the wet paint still shining.The next few days I will be flying into the Okavango Delta for work so you will have to wait till I come back so as to complete the painting.
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Bev said...

Your paintings take me back to my childhood, you capture the atmosphere perfectly. I especially love the local scenes of people going about their working day. Beautifully observed.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks for your comment .Am glad that you like the subject matter as I use to do a lot of wildlife but recently moved over to portray the local village life around me.So will continue with similar subjects.