Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My first large Acrylic painting that I sold when I was 17.

My first large acyclic painting that I sold was based on three different photos that my dad had taken on a family holiday in Hawange national park in Zimbabwe.These I  used as reference material and then created my own composition.I wanted to portray 3 elephants that had just been disturbed ,hence the posture and all the dust.Still new at using acrylics the dust is some what more misty looking than dusty, anyway I was very happy with it and it was soon being displayed in an art gallery called African Art and Images in Maun which is located just opposites the Airport.However it was not sold as soon as I had hoped.We (my Mom, Dad ,two brothers and sister ) then moved to Kasane and this painting was then displayed at a art gallery called African Easel where within  a few weeks it was sold for what I viewed to be a large sum of  money P1800 ,half of that went to the gallery as commission.Following that sale I was motivated to keep on painting wildlife,African landscapes and Botswana village life.Many more paintings were sold through that gallery,and many thanks go to the owner and staff who worked there.

Elephant art


RLT Art said...

That is a stunning painting especially as you were only 17 when you sold it!
I'm 16 currently and I work in graphite pencil, but my work is no where as amazing as yours.
I love how you've captured the elephants so perfectly - you're so talented and I look forward to future posts :)

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks for your comment its the first one .I will be blogging more ,showing more of my art both old and new that I have done.

Michèle said...

Une scène sauvage et très réaliste, vous avez parfaitement observé l'attitude des animaux et les avez rendus vivants ! La poussière qui s'élève de leurs coups de pattes est magnifiquement suggérée.

Dépaysement total pour moi sur vos pages !