Friday, January 7, 2011

Exhibit at Thapong Visual Center and Awards

Here are two paintings that I recently( November2010 ) displayed in Gaborone (which is the capital of Botswana) at the Thapong visual art center.The event which is held each year is for all the artists resident in Botswana.Each artist is able to display two works of art , and awards are also given to the best artist of the year, first ,second and third prizes are also given as well as a prize for the best young artist in Botswana.This was quite exiting for me as I decided to enter and travel by bus 1000 km from Maun to the event in Gaborone.It was well worth my effort and time, as I sold both paintings .The small painting (The little bird song) was sold to a private buyer and the big painting (Black oxen and cart) was bought by the University of Botswana where it is now displayed in one of their halls.I also unexpectedly received a monetary prize for the best young artist in Botswana. So this was very encouraging ,and I have been greatly motivated to keep creating .

Creating these to paintings took a bit of thought since I had so many choices and ideas.However after going through my photos ,videos and sketches I finally made a decision. The Little bird song was inspired by a video that my younger brother and sister made of two little girls dancing and singing in Tswana .The song was entitled ,the song of the little bird .The hut and the boy watching from the bench was added to create a better composition.

The black oxen and cart was based on a photo that a good friend of mine named Dean ,took near a small village in an isolated area called Shorobe.This is the second painting I have done based on this photo , and I have a commission to do another one just like it.Painting a subject for the second or third time needs much discipline , as the excitement of creating something new for the first time is lost.So I normally change the composition quite a bit and add new elements so that I still have that enjoyment when creating.The palm trees you see in the painting is typical for that area .The local people make beautiful baskets from the palm leaves which are then adorned with colourful designs.Both paintings are done on canvas and are in oils.
The above photo is of the event  which was held at Thapong Visual center in Gaborone ,where the opening speeches were being given.The red carpet was for the visiting dignitaries ,one of them the minister of youth and culture who also gave a speech.

Below is a photo of my 2 pieces of art work displayed ,if you look closely you will see, next to each title of the painting a red tab,denoting that they had been already sold.

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belle said...

thats a nice live painting of the oxen and cart... you seem really good at paintings, how long does it take you to do a large painting like that? good work.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks.Since I don't have time to work on it solidly but only a few hours per week it will take me a few weeks if not a month or two to complete.Smaller paintings like the children dancing will take me 6 to 8 painting sessions each each session an hour or two long.