Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Botswana Cowboys (Re-worked)


With only a week away before our 3 man art Exhibit ,I have been busy with last minute preparations whenever I have time.Since today was a public holiday, I decided that instead of starting a new painting I will rework  an older one .

Stacked up in my roof were a couple of paintings in various stages of completeness. Other paintings were stored up there simply to save space .The house that I rent is tiny,yes I repeat tiny!It is basically one bedroom which also as a lounge when visitors come.I also have a bathroom and kitchen of course, but you cant paint in there so all my artistic creating is done in the bedroom.

The painting I decided to work on is the biggest painting I have done Botswana Cowboys. Since my easel is not robust enough for such a large painting I had to lay it on my bed .This worked out fine and I managed to finish it before 2 in the afternoon.

The painting is almost as wide as my bed!

Spreading paint about :)

Last Friday was the Cameras for Conservation Exhibition and Awards ceromony.It was a great event which was well attened. I enjoyed looking at the great display of photos ,there were some new catergorys opened up for this year which included wildlife art .

My painting  Rains over the Makgadikgadi was the category winner for realistic wildlife art which I was pleased about.If possible next year I will try to submit a few works in the other art catorgorys as well.

The Cameras for conservation was well attended ,the highlight of the evening was veiwing the winning documentries.Stuart Arnold whom I will be Exhibiting with on the 7th of May submitted a great 3 min Film clip which if you are intrested can be veiwed (here Lilies on the Thamalakane)


Olga Díaz said...

Me encanta este trabajo Roger.

Felicidades por el premio, muy merecido. Saludos

Stephanie Berry said...

Wonderful painting. The figures and horses are great!

hmuxo said...

AMAZING work, Roger! Wonderful details...

Douglas Clark said...

I didn't know you had cowboys in Botswana, although I knew you had lots of cattle. Well painted.

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thank you all for taking time to comment they are much appreciated.Douglas we don't have that many cowboys although you can find them at the cattle post(Traditional ranch).

Remrov said...

Awesome painting! I love the colours you used.