Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming and Going


Our holidays as a family were often spent in the bush ,staying in tents and cooking on a fire ,we spent our time either swimming, fishing, game viewing or simply reading. One camp site that we stayed in is located at the main river that feeds the Okavango Delta, not far from the village of Shakawe .The camp site is shaded by large Jackal berry trees that overlooked the river. On one side of the campsite  you are able to see an area where the local people from the village would come down and collect water from the river.

The task of collecting water is allocated mainly to the women, but the children also have a major share. When large quantities of water is need the men also get involved to help. All sorts of  transport are used to transport the water, by foot, on donkey back, donkey carts, even cattle dragging broken mokoros  (Local Tswana name for a dugout or canoe)  which would hold the containers of water within it. This unusual way of transporting water is seen in the background of my painting where a small boy is also seen hitching a ride in the mokoro , sometimes if the sandy road gets bumpy he has to hold the bottles so as to prevent them from falling over .


Studio at the Farm said...

It is a beautiful painting, Roger, with a most interesting story. Thank you!

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thanks.Your comments are much appreciated.

belle said...

nice adventure... this painting is so fine. keep it up:))

Brad Miedema said...

Love it!