Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mozambique river boats

The use of colored pencils is often thought by some, as a medium only used by the beginner artist.However today, pencil art has taken a respected place among other well established art mediums.Although I prefer painting in oils,I still use other mediums such as colored pencil to express myself,and to capture the moment,and colors quickly.The benefits of colored pencil is that they are portable,they are not messy, and don't require any water or turpentine to clean up.

However if you do want a little bit of that watercolor effect,you should try using watercolor pencils.I was looking through my sketch books this evening and I came across some of my old watercolor pencil sketches such as the above.Although I looked around for these pencils I could not find them,but I hope they might still be packed in some box somewhere.Anyway I thought it would be better to post this drawing than continue searching for something that I didn't have a clue where they may be.

One artist that that amazed me with her colored pencil art is Nicole Caulfield ,her use of this medium is really inspiring.Another pencil artist Katherine Tyrrell who also maintains an excellent blog ( Making a Mark ) has written and provided some links for those interested in making a mark in watercolor pencil.Read two of her articles if you are interested in this medium watercolour pencils ,and ,watercolour pencil techniques .


groayla said...

Beautiful artwork !!!

Liz Clark said...

It looks fantastic Roger. I love coloured pencil it's my favourite medium. I'll check out that blog sounds very interesting.


Me encanta la imagen tranquila de estas barcas

Michèle said...

Joli travail quand on sait qu'il s'agit "seulement" de crayons de couleurs. Je vais suivre votre conseil et ressortir ma boîte de crayons aquarelles !

bonne journée !

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Thank you all for visiting, and for your kind comments.