Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boy and Donkey added to the Cattle Painting

Well I am  almost finished this oil painting , last weekend provided  me with some time to give it my attention.I am just left with the foreground details ,and a few areas where I want to touch up on.But so far I am very happy with it ,especially considering the fact that the reference photo of the boy and the one of  cattle were totally unrelated ,yet they have been brought together in a satisfactory composition.

                                       Just a few photos showing some detail from the painting.



Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Roger it is always a pleasir to see your painting work. In progress of ready, it is so beautiful. marvelous details.
Lovely greet

多乐阳光 said...

your painting is excellent.

martinealison said...

Vos peintures sont toujours aussi merveilleuses...
La lumière qui illumine votre composition est sublime. Une très belle scène où votre personnage est très expressif.
Un travail admirable.
Gros bisous à vous

Art with Liz said...

Had a look through your blog and this certainly worked putting the cattle and the kid on the donkey together. Great work Roger

Wren said...

Really nicely done!