Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Okavango Watercolors

Here is a some watercolor studies, that I did while I was on holiday for a few days with my family on a house boat in Shakawe.My Dad had some maintenance work to do on the house boat,so he thought that if he invites the family along he will get some free labor and we could enjoy a bit of a holiday in the afternoons.I am glad I managed to go even if it was just a few days.The food was great,and so was the fishing,we caught a number of Tiger fish and some bream, which we enjoyed cooking and eating.

Most of my holidays I will bring my pencil,paper and watercolors along.I find that painting and drawing on holiday is so much more relaxing and enjoyable than when I am just at home.I seem to loose the desire for perfection in my art and end up painting just for the sheer enjoyment of painting.

View from the top deck of the house boat. 
                                            Reflections of summer clouds in the Okavango


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Hi Roger, first thank you so much for your visit on my blog. Than beautiful paintings you have made from the house boat of your familie. What a view from the boat, fantastic but also what great you let us share all this beauty by your paintings.
Lovely greet

Studio at the Farm said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday, Roger, especially the "painting and sketching for sheer enjoyment" part!

Karen said...

Happy New Year Roger! What a wonderful view.

archi said...

"work" for holiday??? Not much of that! huh!! love ya dad

Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Mmm, not much of what, work or the holiday?:)