Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thapong Artist of the Year Award 2011

Well the Thapong Awards ceremony is over, and what a night it was. There was a number of people in attendance including reporters and photographers from the main newspapers as well as the film crew from BTV and Prime Time. There was also dignitaries ,artists , visitors and the sponsors in attendance . 

The main sponsor was the Diamond Trading Company Botswana  with additional sponsorship from Mascom, the French Embassy, the Chinese Embassy to Botswana, Botswana Tourism Organisation as well as the Department of Arts and Culture.
During the evening we were entertained by speeches, poetry, and a guitar player,so it seemed ages before they eventually reached the part where they announced the recipients of the awards.

 Abednico Sechaba was crowned the winner of this year's Thapong Artist of the Year Award, beating 104 other entrants to the cash prize of P25,000.He had submitted 2 pieces of Art work both of them in pencil in which he addressed the subject of child abuse in the tradition Botswana lifestyle.
The runner-up was Keatlaretse Kate Kwati ,who submitted a large and intricate piece of craft work and who received P20,000.
Surprisingly and happily I received the Outstanding Young Artist Award for the second year in a row which included a cash prize of P10.000 .
After the Award ceremony both BTV and Prime Time asked if they could interview the winning artists.I was totally unprepared for this, and am not exactly sure what I said it all went by in a blur.Most artists seem to have plenty to say about their art work,and can spend hours describing the whole creative process and what each painting actually means. I on the other hand ,simply enjoy painting and creating.They aired the interviews last Wednesday and again today. I didn't think much of the interviews until total strangers started to come up to me and ask if it was actually me they saw on TV,its kind of a crazy feeling especially since I don't have a TV.Anyway I hope it will boost my art sales . 

The following links are some newspaper articles that also covered the event.The Monitor  The Daily News The Sunday Standard


Watercolorist said...

Congratulations. Well deserved. I hope that it also brings more sales for your art which is exquisite. And you are so modest.

Studio at the Farm said...

Congradulations, Robert!! A most well-deserved award. I am very happy for you.

belle said...

Congrats yeah, your art is absolutely gorgeous u deserved one. keep it up.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations Roger!! WE are very proud of you and we know you will continue to do well with your art!

Lydie said...

It's great, Roger! congratulations.