Thursday, August 18, 2011

Showcasing Maun Artists Exhibit

This Art Exhibit which was held at our small local museum was largely organized by us, the artists.That meant that the advertising, search for sponsorship, and installation of the art work was overseen by the artists .This was the first time I have done a group exhibit like this and I have learnt a lot from the whole process ,and have seen first hand how much work is actually involed in setting up a exhibit.I worked on the installation committee and so had the enjoyment of hanging paintings,setting up sculptures and pottery.The opening was last night,unfortunately I was busy and was not able to attend.However it was a great success and apparently it was packed full of people,a number of works have already been sold.Although I have not sold anything on the opening night I hope I might still sell something during the rest the Exhibit since it is running from 17 August-9 September 2011.

For some more info on this exhibit you can visit fellow Maun artist Legodile Seganabeng at Showcasing Maun Art.See also the write up of the Exhibit at The Midweek Sun also very interesting is our Local Maun Newspaper about Okavango floods and escaped crocodiles, as well as a Picture of one of my paintings at  Ngami Times


Studio at the Farm said...

The seting is wonderful. I wish you luck selling paintings!


Congrats! :)