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Black Maned Kalahari Lions

Hi, I hope you are all well.  It's been years since I posted something here but thought I would update you all with some of my latest oil paintings. Kalahari brothers depicts two black maned lions walking across the grass plains of the Kalahari in Botswana.  The Kalahari Desert in southern Africa is home to a variety of unique wildlife, including the majestic black maned lions. These lions are renowned for their distinctive appearance, with their black manes standing out against their golden fur. Not only do they look different from other lions, but their behavior and habitat also set them apart from their cousins in other parts of Africa. What sets the black maned lions apart is their habitat, which is unique compared to other lions. The Kalahari Desert is an arid landscape, characterized by sparse vegetation and a scarcity of water. Despite this, the lions are able to thrive in this harsh environment due to their adaptability and ability to conserve water.  The black maned li

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